In The Kennel

In The Kennel


Sorry, we currently have no dogs available in the kennel, will keep you updated

Occasionally we here at the CTC will have some puppies that may or may not be a perfect companion for you! Below are pictures of some of the fine puppies we have had looking for their owners. Our last litter was a Lab/Mt. Curr mix. Some rambunctious puppies that are going to have great energy with good hunting instincts! Keep checking in to see if we have any available! Contact us if you are interested in any available puppies! Also feel free to contact us if you have a puppy that needs placement. We can help find the perfect home for him or her!

Hiccup- Claimed


Heidi-Claimed (Picture on right is Heidi at 4 months-born in October ’18)

Hansel- Claimed



Helga-Claimed (Picture on right is of Helga at 4 months-Born in October ’18)


Hunter-Claimed (picture on right is hunter at 4 months old-Born in October ’18)

Hazel- Claimed

Harper- Claimed